Here’s What My Client’s Say…

“I highly recommend Dennis Elias as a jury consultant/witness preparation specialist. I have worked with Dennis on numerous difficult cases both for witness preparation and jury selection. Dennis is extremely knowledgable, has great judgment and works very hard. He has a high level of integrity. His expereince and intuition in the trial field are unparalleled. On top of it all, Dennis is a sheer pleasure to work with.”

Peter Akmajian, Udall Law Firm LLP

“The combination of his experience as a trial consultant and his background in clinical practice gives Dennis unique and very effective skills in guiding trial attorneys through preparation of significant litigation. He quickly identifies the core of peoples’ motivations and perspectives. He is highly insightful and articulate in planning how to incorporate those motivations and perspectives into a very effective trial story. He is academically oriented but at the same time practically directed. I have worked with Dennis facilitating many jury focus groups in many cities around the country. I have seen him give presentations about how jurors process information and evidence. I have benefited in my own practice from the advice he has given other attorneys. He is direct, very perceptive and always on target. Dennis is one of the best.”

Augustus F. Brown, Co-owner, Brown, Brown & Young, P.A.

“Dennis is the best trial consultant I have worked with in my career. He is a master at preparing witnesses for depositions and trial. He is very reliable, consistent and produces an excellent work product at a reasonable cost. I look forward to working with him again.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Vincent Montell, Holloway Odegard Forrest and Kelly, P.C.

“Dennis always reminds me of the commen sense approach. He has a keen ability to remain objective while offering creative solutions to the occasional headaches trial can bring.”

Kimberly A Kent RN, JD, Kent & Bechtel, PLLC

“Dennis’s insights on jurors’ perceptions and attitudes is without peer. He is a constant learner, a sponge, and he is able to take what he learns and apply it to helping attorneys ahd their client communicate effectively with jurors.”

Phillip Miller, Phillip Miller & Associates

“I had the distinct pleasure of introducing Dennis to his first major account, a mutual insurance company that insures physicians in Arizona. He took it from there and became their go to guy for witness prep, jury selection and focus juries. He has done some really amazing things for us.”

Calvin Raup, Managing Shareholder, Raup & Hergenroether, PLLC

“I have had the opportunity to work with many trial consultants, both as a lawyer, teacher and co-consultant. Without a doubt, Dennis is at the top of the class! His insight and knowledge as to how jurors think is invaluable to any lawyer even thinking about going to trial.  He always brings his “A” game to your case.”

Paul Scoptur, Aiken & Scoptur SC

“Dennis is an excellent consultant who has a comprehensive knowledge of jury research and trial communication. Dennis also has a thorough understanding of the dynamics of jury and judicial decision making on the ground in the courtroom. He works tirelessly to ensure his clients get the information they need to make their important litigation decisions. Most importantly, Dennis has a deep commitment to our justice system: its process, its participants, and its important role in our Constitutional rights.”

Richard Gabriel, President, Decision Analysis

“I have worked with Dennis on litigation consultation matters and have always found him to be insightful and creative. He listens and understands the group process and is able to provide valuable information, suggestions and direction to the lawyers involved.”

Carrie Frank, Partner, Klein | Frank, P.C.

“Dennis is an gifted jury consultant, especially because of his background as a psychologist. He has an instant rapport with people. I found him to be an invaluable resource in testing different legal and factual issues with mock juries to get a strong feel for what stratigies will work at trial. His research was always very accurate. Dennis is also excellent at working with witnesses, and helping them gain self-confidence for trial testimony. My clients raved about how helpful it was to work with him in preparing to give testimony in a deposition or at trial.  I would highly recommend working with Dennis on witness preparation.”

Linda Emery,  von Briesen & Roper SC

“I am a litigation attorney. Dr. Elias has consistently helped both me and my clients prepare difficult cases for trial. He has an uncanny ability to quickly grasp key issues and offer valuable insight into how to respond to them. I represent a lot of physicians, and Dr. Elias is able to speak to them in their own language, and to understand complex medical concepts, which helps him help us figure out how to best explain those concepts to a jury. Every time I work with Dr. Elias, I learn something new. He is exceptionally good at what he does, and he is always a pleasure to work with.”

Jim Goodwin, Sanders & Parks, PC

“Dennis Elias is experienced, knowledgeable, generous, candid, and wise. These qualities make him a trusted leader among his peers, and an invaluable resource to his clients.”

Anne Reed, Past Member of the Board of Directors, American Society of Trial Consultants

“Dennis is a superb trial consultant. He immediately impressed me with his insight and knowledge. He has so much trial experience that it was like talking to another trial attorney. Dennis adds his trial experience to a rich knowledge of the psychology behind the jury’s decision-making process. I will definitely hire Dennis again in the near future.”

Artie Eaves,  Sanders & Parks, PC

“I have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Dennis Elias on several occasions and highly recommend both he and his company Litigation Strategies, Inc. Dr. Elias can give attorneys and legal teams a wealth of insight regarding specifics of case strategy and jury research. He has the rare quality of mastering both traditional methods of research and new technologies. His wealth of knowledge and experience were evident upon our first meeting. I consider Dr. Elias one of the most valuable legal information sources and his trial record is impeccable. I read both his Twitter feed (@JuryVox) and his JuryVox blog to stay informed on the latest legal news and tips.  When it’s important to win, it’s invaluable to have Dr. Elias on your side.”

Brandon Colburn, Legal Video & Trial Presentation Manager, Legalsized Incorporated

“Dennis Elias is superb! His pre trial analysis of issues and how a jury will likely view the issues, coupled with his deep insight into the psychology of the jury during trial, made our trial preparation as near to perfect as it could possibly be. I cannot say enough to express how positively I feel about working with him. He is superb.”

Charles Rock, Law Office of Charles N. Rock, PLLC

“Dennis is a nationally-recognized jury consultant, who has a comprehensive command of courtroom communication strategy and jury dynamics. His decades of experience, which include a successful practice as a clinical psychologist before devoting himself full-time to litigation support about fifteen years ago, enable him to craft communications, prepare witnesses to testify effectively, and enhance jury selection at the highest level.”

Richard Plattner, Plattner Verderame, PC

“Dennis is a knowledgeable and experienced trial consultant who brings a fresh perspective to your case. He works hard and cares about the end result.”

Frank Verderame, Plattner Verderame, PC

“Dennis Elias is an excellent trial consultant who offers superb research and great advice. Dennis unfailingly provides advantage to his clients, whether they are headed into trial or the negotiation/mediation room. He knows how to get to the heart of what drives decisionmaking in any given case, and it is great being with him on that journey.”

Richard Matthews, Trial Consultant

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Dennis several times, and each time he has been very professional and competent. I highly recommend him.”

Winn Sammons, Sanders Parks, PC

“I cannot recommend Dennis Elias highly enough as a trial consultant. Over the years I have come to know his wonderful work through ASTC. Dennis is THE most up to date consultant I know on what is happening at this moment in the legal field. Anyone who follows his postings on this site and on twitter should know that already! In addition to being a wonderful out of the box thinking addition to ASTC, he has helped me whenever I have a question about psychology and the law TREMENDOUSLY. His clients love him, his colleagues respect him and count on him – you can’t go wrong working with Dennis!”

Katherine James,  Act of Communication and Board Member, American Society of Trial Consultants

“I’ve hired Dennis on several occasions to help prepare difficult clients for testimony at trial and in deposition. Dennis has been able to work with these clients so well that they were able to overcome problem areas of testimony, and personality issues, such that their testimony became the most important part of a successful defense of their case. I would highly recommend Dennis for any trial consulting work you might need.”

Robert McBride,  Mandelbaum Schwartz Ellerton & McBride

“Dennis has done a number of focus groups for our firm. His assistance has been extremely valuable on each occasion. He has excellent insight and provides quality work for reasonable fees.”

Robert Bohm, Bohm & Jones, PC