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LSI will collaborate in the process of case preparation. LSI will guide you to the strongest and most persuasive presentation of your evidence and argument. LSI will provide you with the power to prevail.

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Juror bias and police testimony: From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal. "Jurors are inherently biased in favor of police. "Your competence and credibility sort of come with the badge," said Dennis C. Elias, who serves on the Board of the American Society of Trial Consultants. "Additionally, people don't want to believe the people that we trust to protect us would ever do anything bad."  Prosecutors  acknowledge that they take police credibility into consideration when deciding whether to issue charges.  "We always have to consider how a jury will react in considering evidence against a police officer…" Read more here.

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Casey Anthony Verdict:  Outrageous Miscarriage or Triumph of Our System?

Dennis Elias' interview with Fox10. Click here:



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Getting Up Close and Personal: Using Social Media in Jury Selection

September 13, 2011

Getting up Close and Personal: Voir dire is often too brief or too constrained by the preferences of the court or the skills of the questioner.  The advantage of revealing and exploring the values and attitudes of venire members to inform deselection choices often is challenged by the limits imposed upon voir dire.  We do [...]

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